Women's Wisdom Circle was started by Sonya Snow and Dena McKitrick, the initial
co-leaders of the Circle. They were strongly urged by Spirit to create a women’s ceremonial circle where they could teach those that had approached them for learning, in an experiential way. They began the circle by first doing a commitment ceremony with Sacred Fire. They stood in a Medicine Wheel around Sacred Fire to ask for guidance as they declared their commitment to be of service to the highest good and to the women that would be attending the meetings. It was pouring rain so they sang the fire alive. Then Grandmother Spider, in the form of a delicate white spider, completely circled the fire pit and crawled back out, signaling that this was indeed the “right thing to do.” They never dreamed that Spirit would bring so many to the circle, that so many women were ready for the sacred ceremony and ritual of the Wisdom Circle. The circle consists of all women that feel the call to participate. As time goes along, we will have pictures and stories from those women, as they see fit to share them.

We begin with the Grandmothers -- those women who stepped up the first gathering of this circle (Winter solstice of 2006) to hold the energy of the 4 directions. Both Sonya and Dena were trained in traditions that start always, or enter in the East. Even so, when we did our first intention setting ceremony, we were prompted to enter this circle in the North. It quickly became clear that for this circle that it is all about Crone energy and the wisdomkeepers that we were to enter in the North. So it is in the place of the storytellers that we begin our introductions.


Dena McKitrick is a Grandmother of the North in our circle. Her walk on the "Red Road" path began when she was a child: she communed with Nature as well as danced with the bear in traditional ceremony when very young in Nothern California. Her training and experience is an eclectic mix including study with Swami Tayumanivar, Urban Shaman training with Serge King, Kahuna healing with Laura Kealoha Yardley, traditional sweat lodge and ceremony for many years, gatherings, Goddess circles, a Masters degree in Art (sculpture, drawing, painting), and singing the Blessing-way. She blends all of this and her other unique life experiences in her being as well as her intuitive stone reading (Stones of Change) and her healing work. It is her moment-by-moment practice to honor Spirit with gratitude in all that she is, does, and experiences. She does stone readings at East West Books in Sacramento, California on Tuesday evenings, is available for special appointments and phone readings.
www.stonesofchange.com • dena@artistjoyful.com

Nanci Kuzins is a grandmother of the East. She is a student of life and living in balance. Love for the earth takes her to Soil Born Farm Urban Agriculture Project educating youth and adults about food, nutrition, sustainable living, and ecological farming. She helps in a variety of ways planting/ harvesting, assisting with middle school cooking classes, & bookkeeping.

Her commitment to a balanced life includes kundalini (breath) yoga , which awakens chakra energy centers in the body;. and NIA dance -health through movement.

Her curiosity led her to “Daydreamers” dreamwork. Dreams come to us in health and wholeness; guiding us through metaphor to our own truth, in a way each individual psyche can understand. Through group study she explores collective wisdom that is valuable to each dreamer.

She’s studied Nonviolent Communication – creating your life, your relationships, and your world in harmony with your values; as taught by Marshall Rosenberg.PhD.

She embraces life with joy!


Linda Wood is a Grandmother of the South in our circle. Linda is a professional clown, and a Menominee descendant. She truly displays the wisdom of humor.



Faye Bell is a Grandmother of the West in our circle. Faye has deep Fairie wisdom, quick wit, and as a philanthropist an incredible giving heart.


Joyce Bahati is a Grandmother of the West in our circle. Joyce is a dance leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, and the founder of a non-profit called On the Job with Spirit. Their Mission statement: "We teach and support people in their experience at work. We show ways to bring an individual’s faith and spiritual nourishment in appropriate ways to the job. We assist team building, stress reduction, conflict resolution, communication skills, and better work habits for people of all religions and spiritual disciplines."

A woman who
acknowledges her
inner wisewoman
and is willing to step
into that power is a
positive centered
force in her own life.


Circles connected to circles: The women who step up to serve the circle as Grandmother's have committed much time and effort to holding the energy in the circle, planning and preparing for each month's circle, as well as walking through the challenges of the month's teachings. It is with deep gratitude in our hearts that we acknowledge this service. Thank yous and our love go to those that have gone on to other commitments, yet still remain in the center of the circle in our hearts.

Sonya Snow

Sonya Snow was a Grandmother of the North in our circle, until January, 2009, when she stepped down to keep other commitments, and work closer with her individual students. Sonya Snow is a leader, teacher and healer. She was raised from a young child to walk the Spiritual Path. Her father who was Cherokee and Choctaw, used to tell her stories of his Grandmother that was a Medicine Woman. Then in 1958-1959, her father said that they were “not native” any longer and never spoke of the Indian way again. Sonya longed for the stories of her Grandmother, especially the story of “the little corn-cob doll” which she would ask her father to re-tell repeatedly. Sonya was also raised in a Christian home and was dedicated to the Lord at the young age of one week old. Sonya grew, and eventually grew out of the “Box”, accepting more than what was told to her. She learned that there was so much more for her understanding than what was taught in Sunday school. She began with a devoted relationship with “The Christ” and came to embrace a similar relationship with other Ascended Masters too.

Spirit has blessed her with many gifts. Sonya’s Great Grandmother, “Morning Star,” actually walked the “Trail of Tears.” She is Sonya’s constant guide today and aids Sonya as she helps others. Several years ago, Sonya reconnected with the “Red Road” at a women’s retreat. She spent several years with that community learning again of the ‘Native’ ways. These “ways” came easily for her. She went on to co-lead another circle based upon the “Red Road.” Today, Sonya believes in all forms of Spirit, that all paths lead to Spirit.

Sonya is a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master. She also specializes in “Candle Magic.” She intuitively “reads” the candle after it has burned, translating the “message” that it has to tell. She does readings and consultations at East West Books White Rose Light Center in Sacramento, CA, where she is also the Events Coordinator.

Sonya stands amazed at what Spirit continues to do in her life.


Carole Thomas

Carol Thomas was a Grandmother of the East in our circle, until December, 2008. She has been guided to the development of a healing modality called Tapestry: Weaving the Colors of Your Soul. Tapestry offers healing for the soul. During a session Tapestry gently releases the threads or energies holding fears, old thoughts, illness, karmic issues… What ever might be holding you back from aligning with your own perfection and your soul’s purpose. She is a practitioner at East West Books in Sacramento, California, and teaches others about Tapestry too.

Martha A del Rio

Rev. Martha del Rio was a Grandmother of the South in our circle, until January, 2009. Rev. Martha is an incredible storyteller and an actress, and shares her peaceful and deep wisdom with us. She returns to the circle to hold space in any direction that is needed as she is able to.